The Prophecy+ Project

This is an attempt to modify the gameplay of Origin's latest Wing Commander offering, Prophecy. I feel that the game was rushed, and delivered poor AI, repetitive gameplay elements, and general boredom after the swarm rushes wore themselves out.

Fighters are fighters.
Bombers are bombers.

Incorporated in Prophecy+ is more diversity than the original game; weapon behavior has been totally revamped, each fighter has a truly different feel (each of them requires different flying techniques to get the most out of the craft). Your overall skill affects the outcome of the mission, rather than using missiles all the time.

The current version of Prophecy+ is v1.20. This project is no longer updated. I don't think the installer works correctly anymore. It doesn't appear to read the readme.txt file properly. Oh well, it's been a long time since I've coded in Visual Basic.

Previous versions (summary of features):
v0.99 - initial release - buggy, included the majority of changes.
v1.00 - various tweaks. Shrike, Wasp behavior changes. Ion Midway added.
v1.01 - Same as 1.00 but includes Windows 9x INSTALL.EXE and Thomas Bruckner's WCPEdit v1.8.
v1.20 - Improved, less cheesy install/copier app. You will need to have a copy of WCPEdit v1.8 already installed for this version to work properly.

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